Friday, April 17, 2009

Daag Dehlvi

Baad muddat ke ye ai Daag samajh mei.n aayaa
Woh hi dana hai jis ne na mana dil ka

It was after a long time that I understood this
He is intelligent, who didn't listen to his heart


Marg-e-dushman ka jyada tumse hai mujhko malaal
Dushmani ka lutf shikwe ka mazaa jata raha

The death of my rival saddens me more than you
The thrill of enmity, and the joy of complaints are lost


Hazaaro.n hasratei.n wah hai.n ki roke se nahi.n rukti
Bahut armaan aise hai.n ki dil ke dil mei.n rahte hai.n

There are thousands of desires that cannot be controlled
There are many wishes that do not leave the heart

This 'sher' always reminds me of Ghalib's 
'Hazaaro.n khwaahishein aisee ki har khwaahish pe dam nikle
Bahut nikle mere armaan, magar phir bhi kam nikle' 
Apart from the choice of words, which is astoundingly similar, I think both try to convey the same thing.


Bemahal baat bhali bhi to buri hoti hai
Shukra karte hue darta hoo.n shikayat kaisi

At inappropriate time, even a nice thing sounds bad
I am afraid even to thank you, complaint is out of question


Kya us badgumaa.n se baat karei.n
Jo sataaish ko bhi gilaa jaane
[badgumaa.n=suspicious; sataaish=praise]

Tum na paaoge saadaa dil mujh sa
Jo tagaful ko bhi haya jaane

What to talk about with that suspicious one
Who considers praise to be criticism

You will not find another simple-hearted person like me
Who mistakes neglect for shyness